In Dianetics a Modern Science of Mental Health, L Ron Hubbard says, "The beginning and end of child psychology is that a child is a human being, that he is entitled to his dignity and self-determinism. ..."

The problems may seem insurmountable with children. The only apparent solution being to put them in the straight jacket of drugs like ritalin. Reading Dianetics and understanding how the reactive mind affects a child's (and an adult's) actions and reactions, itself can have a calming effect on the family environment.

The news is strewn with stories of children and violence but few look further than the main headlines. Look a little more closely and you will see the results of drugs used as a solution to today's problems with children.

"Though shocked by bizarre shootings in schools, few Americans have noticed how many shooters were among the 6 million kids now on psychotropic drugs." - "Guns & Doses", Washington Times' Insight Magazine, 1999

An example of how the pharmeceutical industry has gotten on the bandwagon to forward the consumption of drugs by the children of our society can be seen here:

"ADHD is 'a fraudintended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction" - Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, Founding Member Royal College of General Practitioners UK, 1998

Labels such as ADHD are an excuse not to listen and spend time with our children.

Reading and using Dianetic procedures with yourself and your children you can discover what within your own reactive mind is making you irritated, angry, upset or numb. Dianetics will show why you get into certain situations and you just can't think clearly.

Why do your children just "freak out" or over-react to certain situations? Telling them "You are over-reacting!" has never seemed to work. So, find out what is below this irrationality. Read Dianetics!

... The wonder is not that children are a problem but that they are sane in any action, for - by contagion, punishment and denial of self-determinism - the children of today have been denied all the things required to make a rational life." Book Two, Chapter 8, Contagion of Aberration.


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