Children and Force

My sister once said that you can tell someone something about their religion or view on politics, which are generally taboo subjects, but don't ever try and tell a person how to raise or handle his children.

There are probably as many 'opinions' on how to raise children as there are children.

Well, children probably have just as much of a hard time 'raising' their parents. The problem is the lack of understanding of the reactive mind and the effect of engrams within a family.

". If the husband has been aberrated, he will have aberrated or restimulated his wife and children in one way or another, even when he used no physical violence upon them. The parents implant their mutual aberrations in the children and the children, being potentially self-determined units, revolt back to stir up the aberrations of the parents. In that so many of these aberrations, by contagion, have become mutual and held in common with the whole family, the happiness of the family is severely undermined."
- Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Book Two, Chapter Eight by L Ron Hubbard

Per this each child may be different depending on how 'restimulated' he or she may be. Using force and anger on a child that has a number of engrams containing force and anger that are already in restimulation will just drive the child further towards apathy.

"If a child is punished and thereafter obeys, he can be considered to have succumbed. And the value of a child who will succumb to punishment is so slight that the Spartans would long since have drowned him."
- Book Two, Chapter 9, Dianetics

Understanding how the Reactive Mind works and what will keep family members upset with each other and what will make for smooth sailing goes a long way to helping a family not only stay together but flourish.

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