Children's Illness

"You will find that the illnesses of a child are generally immediately preceded by a standard dramatization of somebody else in his vicinity. In other words, there will be quarrels and upsets which precede childhood illnesses. There will be exact circumstances there which cause an engram to go into restimulation. We can bank on engrams as the predisposing thing. Actually the pathology of the child is not bacteria but is a lock of some sort. You will do well to go back and find the locks. If you want to cure this child - suppose he has chronic colds, he has lot of colds, go back and find out what preceded these colds. These are types of colds, et cetera. You will find out that it will be an emotional, mental disturbance preceding the pathology in the usual course of childhood illness. It's going to be very hard to find sometimes, but you can discover it."


from lecture
"Child Dianetics"
1 September 1950

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