Solutions to Depression

Aren't there simpler, safer, cheaper and more effect solutions for anxiety and depression?


No-one is going to argue here that there aren't situations of serious depression and anxiety out there that need special care and handling.

But the real question is, how many people diagnosed with these conditions are just hapless victims of the psychiatric and pharmaceutical empire's drive to fill their coffers with billions of dollars, at the expense of the health, safety and sanity of millions of people?

Accusations of extreme "over-diagnosis" abound within the medical and psychiatric communities themselves. Many honest practitioners have become disgusted with the situation.

"ADHD is 'a fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction."
- Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn

   Founding Member Royal College of General Practitioners UK, 1998

"...Modern psychiatry has yet to convincingly prove the genetic/biologic cause of any single mental illness."
- David Kaiser

   Psychiatrist, 1996

"People with real or alleged psychiatric or behavioral disorders are being misdiagnosed--and harmed--to an astonishing degree...put on drugs, put in institutions, and sent into a limbo from which they may never return..."
- Charles B. Inlander

   President, The People's Medical Society and Co-Author of Medicine on Trial

The purpose of this article is not to tackle that subject as such, but to ask the question, are there not simpler, less dangerous, cheaper and more effective solutions than these mind-altering drugs?

The answer is a definite and resounding "Yes".

Apart from the obvious steps of improving one's diet and getting sufficient rest, which can drastically change one's outlook on life, it is now possible to get to the root cause of these conditions. It doesn't mean that people, including artists, do not have problems; mental travail and upsets exist. Friends, family, ministers of religion, priests and rabbis can help. Numerous medical studies also show that competent medical – not psychiatric – diagnosis can determine and effectively treat the often underlying physical problems or nutritional deficiencies that can manifest as stress, mental deterioration or so-called psychiatric illness. Repeated studies also document the superiority of non-psychiatric or non-psychological counselors.

55 years ago, extensive independent research on the mind was released to the world through the pages of the book "Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health", by L. Ron Hubbard. The book was an overnight besteller having to be reprinted several times within the first few months just to keep it on the shelves.

Hubbard laid out simple techniques that anyone could learn and use that immediately and rapidly dealt with stress, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and the whole spectrum of psychosomatic ills (including depression and anxiety), by getting to their actual source and eradicating them.

The source of all psychosomatic ills is the "Reactive Mind" and this has been proved irrefutably thousands of times over. It is as easy to demonstrate as gravity or the existence of the sun.

It is a long known rule that the more truth present the simpler things become. Yes, the mind is intricate and detailed. But, there is only one cause for all of the problems associated with it: The Reactive Mind. Inventing and classifying thousands of different disorders..

Since the original release, many instructional tools and study aids have been created so as to enable any two people to sit down and use these methods and techniques. A full "Visual Guide Book" DVD now exists to leave no questions on how the techniques are applied and why they work.

Drugs and other cover-up "solutions" for anxiety and depression simply mask the problem and result in it actually not being dealt with at all. Situations usually get worse, or at best resign the person to a life of quiet misery.

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Since Dianetics, I never get depressed anymore

"I've been depressed most of my life, not constantly, but up and down in depression. You wake up in the morning and you don't feel good. You don't like doing anything. I'd go a couple of days fine, and other days I would be really depressed, feeling very bad about myself, feeling like why am I like this? Why am I depressed?

"I received Dianetics auditing and I discovered where those trouble spots were and when I found them and talked about it, they were gone. All these years I felt depression, just gone. I never get depressed anymore. Ever! And it's so easy."

-Dorothy Nagy

My well-being has returned with Dianetics

"I had tremendous weight loss - extreme fatigue, just getting up and doing my basic routine was almost more than I could do. I was losing most of my hair, I suffered from horrible headaches, and I just was dying basically. I was going from doctor to doctor, and they basically said ‘There's not a lot we can do for you, we really don't know why your body's doing what it's doing... you're probably going to die.'

"I was devastated, I was a young woman, I had my youngest son getting ready to get married and I might not have been a part of it.

"One of my son's friends introduced me to Dianetics. We had just three sessions and totally handled the problem. I began to get healthy again, I began to stop losing my hair, my weight started to come back on and the headaches are gone. Dianetics, to me personally, saved my life. I know that without it, I wouldn't be here."

-Kathy Zeigler

"The low level of intellectual effort was shocking. Diagnoses were developed by majority vote on the level we would use a restaurant. You feel like Italian, I feel like Chinese, so let's go to the cafeteria. Then it's typed into the computer."
- Psychologist attending a DSM hearing

   (Diagnostic Statistical Manual for mental Disorders)

"Suicide, stress, divorce--psychologists and other mental health professionals may actually be more screwed up than the rest of us."
-"Why Shrinks Have So Many Problems"

   Magazine Psycholgy Today 1997

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