Marriage or Divorce?

Are you constantly unhappy and getting upset with your spouse?

Is your spouse constantly getting angry or upset with you?

Thinking about separation or divorce?

In many relationships couples will tolerate each other. Barely. One becomes numb. Your marriage partner may seem more interested in the television or the computer or talking on the phone to a friend than what you have to say or do.

You may not care that your partner wants to be part of your life. You may be the one that is trying vainly to be part of your wife or husbands life.

The spark that one thinks started this disaster, that is supposed to be a marriage of two people working together to create their lives, is gone!! Kaput!!

So does one just drink and watch TV? Maybe you should take ritalin or prozac or zoloft at the advice of your neighbour across the street.

Or wait for the kids to grow up.

But by the time the kids have grown that spark, that hope, is so long gone, you may feel it's impossible or close to impossible to recover. More likely you'll say "What spark?"

Well - there is hope. Dianetics can help. Without brain damaging drugs like ritalin or prozac you can actually do something about the way you feel. Sometimes just reading a few chapters can give you an understanding of what is making you feel the way you do and just THAT alone can make all the difference in the world. You may want to go further and receive some Dianetic thereapy to relieve some of the symptoms you are experiencing.

Read the book that 20 million others have read in 50 different languages. It is an amazing adventure. It can give life back to a dying marriage. May you never be the same!

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